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Flathead County Montana

County Seat: 800 South Main Street Kalispell, Montana 59901 (Map)

Explore the following links to access valuable resources related to real estate, property information, zoning regulations, and more in Flathead County:


1. Northwest Montana Association of REALTORS (NMAR)

   - Connect with local real estate professionals and stay updated on market trends.


2. Montana Regional MLS Login (Membership Required)

   - Access the Montana Regional MLS for comprehensive property listings (Membership Required).


3. Montana Cadastral (Property Details Search)

   - Search for detailed property information through Montana Cadastral.


4. Flathead County

   - Official website for Flathead County, providing various county-related information.


5. Flathead County GIS Property Information Search

   - Explore geographic information systems for property-related details in Flathead County.


6. Property Tax Search

   - Access property tax information for Flathead County.


7. Flathead County Recording Documents Search (iDoc)

   - Search and access recorded documents in Flathead County through iDoc.


8. Flathead County Planning and Zoning

   - Learn about planning and zoning regulations in Flathead County.


9. Flathead County Surveys and Subdivisions

   - Access scanned surveys and subdivisions documents in Flathead County.


10. City of Kalispell (County Seat)

    - Explore information about Kalispell, the county seat of Flathead County.


11. Kalispell Zoning Ordinance

    - Access zoning ordinances specific to Kalispell.


12. Kalispell Zoning Maps

    - View zoning maps for Kalispell to understand land use designations.


13. Kalispell Building Permits

    - Obtain information about building permits in Kalispell.


14. City of Whitefish

    - Explore information about the city of Whitefish.


15. Whitefish Planning and Zoning Regulations along with Maps.

    - Access planning and zoning maps along with regulations for Whitefish.


16. City of Columbia Falls

    - Information about the city of Columbia Falls.


17. Montana West Economic Development (Flathead Forecast)

    - Stay informed about the economic forecast for Flathead County.


18. Flathead Building Association

    - Connect with the Flathead Building Association for construction-related resources.

19. Flathead County Census Data

    - Access census data for Flathead County.

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