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Holmes Real Estate Appraisal Co. brings a wealth of experience in the valuation of a wide range of property types. With a commitment to precision and excellence, Holmes Real Estate Appraisal Co. provides comprehensive appraisal services tailored to meet your unique needs.


Property Types Appraised:


Land (Large & Small Tract): Expert valuation for expansive land tracts, ensuring accurate and informed assessments.


Professional Office: Valuation services for professional office spaces, reflecting market dynamics and property specifics.


Warehouse: Accurate appraisal of warehouse spaces, considering factors that impact their market value.


Heavy and Light Industrial: In-depth analysis of industrial properties, accounting for their unique characteristics and market conditions.


Retail: From market studies to market value assessments, we provide detailed analysis for retail spaces.


Restaurant: Appraisal services covering market value for restaurant properties.


Bar and Casino: Valuation expertise for liquidation value and going-concern assessments of bars and casinos.


Laundromat: Accurate valuation for laundromat businesses, considering their specific market nuances.


Extended Stay Lodging: Comprehensive appraisal services for extended stay lodging facilities.


Multi-Unit Residential: Evaluation of multi-unit residential properties, ensuring a thorough understanding of their value.


Apartments: Detailed analysis of apartment complexes, reflecting market trends and property specifics.


RV (Full Hook-Ups): Accurate valuation for RV parks with full hook-up facilities.


Campground: Comprehensive appraisal for campgrounds, accounting for amenities and location.


Fuel/Convenience Stations: Expertise in the valuation of fuel and convenience stations, considering market demands.


Agricultural: In-depth analysis of agricultural properties, including farms and hog confinements.


Veterinarian Clinics: Valuation services for veterinarian clinics, reflecting their unique considerations.


Holmes Real Estate Appraisal Co. is dedicated to providing accurate and insightful valuations across a diverse range of property types. Contact us to discuss your specific appraisal needs.

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